David L. Stamps

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Academic Employment​                                                                                         
Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University                         2019-present 

Adjunct Professor, Santa Barbara City College                           2017-2019   
Teaching Assistant, University of California, Santa Barbara      2016-2019
Teaching Assistant, California State University, Northridge       2014-2016                              

Teaching Associate, California State University, Northridge      2005-2006

Teaching History 

Louisiana State University

Semester                                        Course

​Fall 2020                                         Social Media & Digital Brands

Fall 2020                                         Social Media & Public Relations

Spring 2020                                    Public Relations Writing

Spring 2020                                    Social Media & Public Relations

Fall 2019                                         Public Relations Writing

Fall 2019                                         Social Media & Public Relations

Santa Barbara City College
Semester                                 Course Title

Spring 2019                             Public Speaking**

Fall 2018                                 Introduction to Communication**

Fall 2018                                 Public Speaking**

Summer 2018                         Interpersonal Communication**
Spring 2018                             Public Speaking (2 sections)**
Fall 2017                                  Introduction to Communication**
Fall 2017                                  Public Speaking**

University of California, Santa Barbara 
Quarter                                  Course Title
Spring 2019                            Communication and Conflict

Winter 2018                            Political Communication

Fall 2018                                 Social Marketing

Spring 2018                            Introduction to Statistics++
Winter 2018                            Collaborative Technology & Organizations
Fall 2017                                 Introduction to Communication++
Summer 2017                         The Modern Research University++
Spring 2017                            Introduction to Communication++
Winter 2017                            Introduction to Statistics++
Fall 2016                                 Communication Theory++

California State University, Northridge 
Semester                                 Course Title
Spring 2016                             Management and Organizational Behavior 
Fall 2015                                  Management and Organizational Behavior
Spring 2015                             Management and Organizational Behavior
Spring 2006                             Jazz Dance**
Spring 2006                             Ballet**
Spring 2006                             Strength Training**
Fall 2005                                 Jazz Dance**
Fall 2005                                  Ballet I**
Fall 2005                                  Strength Training**

**indicates Instructor of Record
++indicates having taught weekly “discussion sections” with 75 students per termType your paragraph here.