David was recognized as an "Outstanding Graduate" and his work as an educator, speaker, and activist was highlighted in this media clip. ​


The #WeMatterProject is an exploration of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement highlighting its successes and the influence of SNS with regards to increasing awareness and participation in digital media. This project draws attention to a movement focused on dismantling a bias judicial system and increasing awareness of aggressive policing, while shining a light on effective initiatives focused on changing policies and the narratives surrounding Black identity.

We all have fun and funky histories and narratives throughout our journey and one of mine was as an actor/dancer. This is a commercial I did for Texas Pete Wing Sauce, around 00:12 seconds you will see me in a different light. You are welcome.  ​

David L. Stamps

"Identity, Communication Practices, and Power Dynamics in the Classroom" [click here to view] This is a presentation highlighting the communication dynamics that take place among non-Black students and their Black professor. Specifically this talks focuses on the elephant in the room - identity - and how educators can embrace their identity and in doing so, empower students to work towards cultural competency and inclusion. ​