Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Stamps, D. (in-press). Black audiences’ identity-focused social media use, group vitality, and consideration of collective action. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly

Hickerson, H. & Stamps, D. (in-press) Health messaging and social media: An examination of message fatigue, race, and emotional outcomes among Black audiences. International Journal of Communication

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Stamps, D., Mandell, L., & Lucas, R. (2021). Relational maintenance, collectivism, and coping strategies among Black populations during COVID-19. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 38(8), 2376-2396. DOI:10.1177/02654075211025093

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Stamps, D. (2020). Media Literacy as Liberator: Black Audiences' Adoption of Media Literacy, News Media, and Perceptions of Self and Group Members. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication. DOI:10.1080/17513057.2020.1789692. (click for article)

Stamps, D. (2020). B(l)ack By Popular Demand: An Analysis of Positive Black Male Characters in Television and Audiences’ Community Cultural Wealth. Journal of Communication Inquiry. DOI:10.1177/0196859920924388 (click for article)

Stamps, D. (2020). Race and Media: A critical essay acknowledging the current state of race-related media effects research and directions for future exploration. Howard Journal of Communications. DOI:10.1080/10646175.2020.1714513
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Stamps, D. & Mastro, D. (2019). The Problem with Protests: Emotional Effects of Race-Related News Media. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. DOI:10.1177/1077699019891433
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Stamps, D. (2019). Is it Really Representation? A Qualitative Analysis of Asian and Latino Characterizations in Broadcast Television. American Communication Journal, 21, 1-12.
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Figueroa-Caballero, A., Mastro, D., & Stamps, D. (2019). An Examination of the Effects of Mediated Intragroup and Intergroup Interactions. Communication Quarterly. DOI:10.1080/01463373.2019.1573745 (click for article)

Stamps, D.(forthcoming). Yvonne Orji’s Docuseries, ‘First Gen’: First-Generational Narratives and Their Impact on Audiences’ Community Cultural Wealth.In. O. Banjo (Ed.), At the Table: Mediated Narrative Experiences of First-Generation Americans.

Stamps, D. (forthcoming). My Brother from Another Mother: Black Brotherhood in Martin, The Wayans Bros., and Malcolm & Eddie. In L. Brackett (Ed.), Representations of African American Professionals on TV Series Since the 1990s. McFarland Press. 

Stamps, D. (forthcoming). Fruitvale Station: A Humanistic and Vulnerable Glimpse into Black Masculinities. In J. Hamlet (Ed.), Engaging the Elephant: Using Movies to Facilitate: Difficult Conversations about Race in the Classroom.
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Stamps, D. (2018). Will Boys Be Boys: An Exploration of Social Support, Affection, and Masculinities within Non-Romantic Male Relationships. The Kentucky Journal of Communication, 37, 52-71.
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Mastro, D. & Stamps, D. (2018). An Examination of Racial/Ethnic Inclusion in the Media and the Implications of Exposure on Audiences. In P. Napoli (Ed.), Mediated Communication. De Gruyter Mouton Publications.
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Stamps, D. (2017). The social construction of the African American family on broadcast television: A comparative content analysis of The Cosby Show and Blackish. Howard Journal of Communications, 28, 405-420.DOI 10.1080/10646175.2017.1315688
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Chang, E. & Stamps, D. (2017). Characterization of teen SNS usage in entertainment media. Consumer Electronics (ICCE). 76-77. DOI:10.1109/ICCE.2017.7889236Type your paragraph here.
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​My research and writing focus on representations of various groups in the mass media and popular culture and the impact of mass media imagery on audience members. In addition, I am interested in exploring media representation of masculinities in general, and Black masculinities specifically. I am very fortunate to contribute to scholarship in communication, popular culture, and media. Below are some peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. When available, there are links (in red) of each item as a PDF. If you do not see a link, please email me ( and I will send you a copy. 

David L. Stamps