​My research and writing focuses on representations of marginalized groups in the mass media and popular culture and the impact of mass media imagery on audience members. In addition, I am interested in exploring media representation of masculinities in general, and Black masculinities specifically. I am very fortunate to contribute to scholarship in communication, popular culture, and media. Below are some of my upcoming book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles. If you cannot find the item via Google Scholar or your university library, please email me for a copy of the manuscript.

Current Publications:

Stamps, D. (forthcoming). My Brother from Another Mother: Black Brotherhood in Martin, The Wayans Bros., and Malcolm & Eddie. In L. Brackett (Ed.), Representations of African American Professionals on TV Series Since the 1990s. McFarland Press. 

Stamps, D. (forthcoming). Fruitvale Station: A Humanistic and Vulnerable Glimpse into Black Masculinities. In J. Hamlet (Ed.), Engaging the Elephant: Using Movies to Facilitate: Difficult Conversations about Race in the Classroom.

Stamps, D. (2018). Will Boys Be Boys: An Exploration of Social Support, Affection, and Masculinities within Non-Romantic Male Relationships. The Kentucky Journal of Communication, 37, 52-71.

Mastro, D. & Stamps, D. (2018). An Examination of Racial/Ethnic Inclusion in the Media and the Implications of Exposure on Audiences. In P. Napoli (Ed.), Mediated Communication. De Gruyter Mouton Publications. 

Stamps, D. (2017). The social construction of the African American family on broadcast television: A comparative content analysis of The Cosby Show and Blackish. Howard Journal of Communications, 28, 405-420.DOI 10.1080/10646175.2017.1315688

Chang, E. & Stamps, D. (2017). Characterization of teen SNS usage in entertainment media. Consumer Electronics (ICCE). 76-77. DOI:10.1109/ICCE.2017.7889236Type your paragraph here.

David L. Stamps